Dr. Brandt Radiance Resurfacing Foam

I recently introduced the Dr. Brandt Radiance Resurfacing Foam ($72) into my night time routine and let me tell you. It is an experience! Let’s get into it!

Dr Brandt Radiance Resurfacing Foam.png

So this is a creme to foam product that goes on super smooth and oxidizes on your face creating that wonderful bubbling sensation we know and love all love. You leave it on your face for one minute and then scrape off the foam with the provided spatula in an upward motion. Once you get most of the foam off your face, go ahead and press the remaining product into your skin. This was my favorite part. My skin felt supple and hydrated instantly, without being greasy at all!

Next, you want to continued with your regular routine—mine personally includes serums, oils, and a massage. Who doesn’t love a facial massage? Being someone who can’t deal with the feeling of dry skin, I honestly don’t feel like I need to follow up with the rest of my routine because the hydration from the Radiance Resurfacing Foam was that good. The moisture was locked in without feeling heavy, or dissolving after 15 minutes. (Yes, I sat with it on my skin for 15 minutes before continuing my routine, just to see how I really felt.)

According to their website, the Dr. Brandt Radiance Resurfacing Foam is great for brightening, rejuvenating, and hydrating skin. If you have dull or uneven skin, this guy has alpha hydroxy acids to smooth rough texture and bring your radiant and beautiful skin to the forefront. According to the brand, this product can be used 1-2 times per week either in the mornings or evenings depending on your preference. I’d definitely recommend for people who don’t have the time or energy for elaborate skin routines, but are looking for that fresh-from-the-spa feeling. The use of this product is quick, easy, and leaves you feeling refreshed for the rest of your day.

Would you try the Dr. Brandt Radiance Resurfacing Foam?

XO, Nailah

P.S. I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.