My Favorite Comfy Jeans + Sandals


JEANS: Zara | SHOES: Clarks | JACKET: Asos

Happy New Year y’all! It has been quite a while since I’ve written and actually posted anything. I didn’t realize how much I missed the process! Well, here I am, and I’m going to try something new today: an outfit post! It’s nothing fancy and nothing spectacular—unless you’re particularly interested in comfort. Today’s post is all about the jeans that saved my life during travel (you know, that month long trip I never even posted about. I’m such an asshole.) and honestly the most comfortable shoes I own.

I bought these mom jeans from Zara in Barcelona and let me tell you, they changed my life. I bought three pairs. I love high waisted bottoms and mom jeans give me that super relaxed feel. These jeans are so comfortable, and they have real, deep, functional, pockets. You read correctly: deep and functional pockets! A game changer for me, after I wore skinny jeans and leggings for most of the trip. I am so done with skinny jeans.

The only downside to these jeans for me is that I can only wear them cuffed because I’m tall! So I have to really put in work to dress up these jeans. But if you’re not 5’10” you’ll be perfectly fine.

I happened across these Clarks inside DSW and fell in love with the look. Casual, cute, and soooo comfortable. I usually gravitate towards sandals with laces, ties, buckles, etc, but that’s not always practical when trying to put your shoes on and take them off quickly without damaging them. The straps on these Clarks are velcro—ha! I love them.

Bonus: These jeans are actually on sale on the Zara website in black right now for $15.99! And the Clarks are on sale at for $85, down from the regular $120.

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